The Window Shop

Jildor an Iconic Brand since 1949

Brianna DiCamillo

I had the opportunity to sit and interview Larry Bienenfeld the current President of Jildor. Jildor is an iconic Shoe Store that has been around for years and it gives me great pleasure and pride to be able to feature it on The Window Shop. Here is 60 seconds with Larry Bienenfeld.


Brianna: Jildor is an iconic store that has been around for years. I feel like everyone can find something in the store, how do you go about choosing your inventory?

Larry: We go to six shoe markets a year. The shows are in NYC and Italy. We review our history of what sold too.

Brianna: I know that Jildor has their own shoe brand which is made in Italy, 275 Central, when did you launch that brand?

Larry: We launched it four years ago.

Brianna: What do you enjoy most about retail and the shoe industry specifically?

Larry: Our industry is small and there are very nice people in our industry. I enjoy buying the shoes but I also enjoy being with our customers.

Brianna: Do you have any stories you can share about what it was like growing the business and how it amassed to what it is today?

Larry: Opening our newest location in Wheatley plaza was fun to do. I think it’s exciting to open a new store.

Brianna: How do you decide what’s going to be a trend, could you tell us what you see being a new trend for this coming fall?

Larry: When we go to our shoe markets regularly we see new trends. This season, I think a big trend will be white boots and shoes and boots with fur.

Brianna: Who do you market your shoes to?

Larry: Women from young to old that like better grade fashion shoes.