Each month when I sit down to create the concept of an issue I almost always draw my inspiration from what is going on around me. Living on Long Island, I visit New York City quite often. I will be attending university there in the fall and I am very excited to call The Upper West Side my new home. Things seem to move faster in the city and we forget to take all of the vastness and beauty of it in. I wanted The July Issue to capture the vast feeling of New York City. Talking with Jon Ilani caused me to remember why I started The Window Shop in the first place, I wanted to share something I felt passionate about with others. I hope that you all enjoy and appreciate the content of The July Issue. I would like to extend a very big thank you to Jon Ilani for being the featured story of this month and for talking with me. Thank you to all of you extraordinary readers for always supporting, sharing, and coming back for more of The Window Shop. I would not be able to do this without all of you and for your support I am so very grateful. I hope you enjoy The July Issue of The Window Shop.


Brianna DiCamillo

CEO and Editor in Chief