This issue was very personal to me as I saw first hand what shopping local and supporting local businesses can do for a community. Where I live there are a lot of small boutiques and stores. Part of the reason I love to shop in my community is because there are so many new things to discover, I find that some of the most exciting pieces in my wardrobe have come from small boutiques in and around New York. The reason I decided to start the Shop Local Initiative was to raise awareness about these stores closing do to other big chain stores coming in and kicking them out. When I was younger my parents used to get all of our patio and pool furniture from a store on South Street in Oyster Bay and I would look forward to going with them to pick it out each year. The store was beautiful, they had everything from out door couches in the summer to Christmas trees in the winter, the sales associates knew us personally. I was crushed when I was told by the owner, Dottie, that the store would be closing and this past Christmas was going to be their final season open in that location. We had lost a lot of local businesses in years prior, such as a family-run pharmacy, a paint shop, and an odds-and-ends craft and hobby store. I never saw this store leaving because I always thought business was going well for them. It wasn’t until I read the Facebook post, explaining their move and what caused it, three months ago that I really understood the importance of staying local to support a community. Shopping local means creating a connection, it represents supporting someone who has a dream. These local stores are one-of-a-kind and they bring life and character to a community. When I met Gabrielle Fumai, I was beyond impressed at her drive and her vision. She was bringing something completely new to Oyster Bay and I was all for it. She and I made a connection the moment we met, I looked up to her because she is an entrepreneur and never gave up on her dream of running her own business. I found her journey interesting, inspiring, and the perfect story to share in this first edition of The Shop Local Initiative. I hope that reading Gabrielle’s story inspires you all to consider shopping local and discover a hidden gem in your own town. Thank you so much to Gabrielle and Sorelle Oyster Bay for being a part of this issue. Most importantly, to all of you incredible and wonderful readers who support The Window Shop, thank you. Without you all I would never be able to do what I love. I hop you enjoy The June Issue of The Window Shop.


Brianna DiCamillo

CEO and Editor in Chief