The Window Shop

November: A Letter From The Editor

Brianna DiCamillo

This month I chose to view fashion from a different perspective. I was fortunate enough to meet two models who I feel have stories that are rich in culture. I was captivated by their personalities the moment I met them. I feel so privileged to be able to feature two people who have accomplished great things in the fashion industry. Devorah Rose once said to me “who I feature is an animal I can’t describe” I didn’t really get it when she said this, however, now I do. There is sometimes something that is so compelling about a person that you want to showcase them and share their story. I think that both Patricia and Meredith are extraordinary industry professionals and I am proud to have been able to work with them. I would like to thank you all, our readers are who make this publication so bright and keep it overflowing with new content—without you we would not be able to publish anything of note. I would like to personally thank you for reading and following and for always staying tuned for the next new thing—whatever it may be. I would also like to thank Aaron Vinsky for trying something new and composing a suite for The Window Shop, when I met with him he said it was something not many composers had done before—write a suite for a website—however he liked the idea and was willing to do it. I am forever grateful to Aaron for tirelessly working on putting the beautiful piece together and I hope that you all take a listen. So please, enjoy everything The November Issue has to offer.

-Brianna DiCamilo