The December Issue

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Kimberlei Ellen

Couture designer Kimberlei Ellen talks about the design process and what it was like earning her couture certificate

Aaron Vinsky

Composer of The Window Shop Aaron Vinsky opens up about writing his own music and how he got his start into the business

When arranging a sonata for the Window Shop, I felt that my music had to effectively accompany this experience. In each of my movements, I attempted to instill prominent, easy to follow melodies, accompanied by gentle supporting chords, which either echoed or added to the prominent sound.
— Aaron Vinsky
All of my collections have a philosophy behind them. Fashion art is not meant to be technical, it is meant to evoke emotion.
— Kimberlei Ellen

Julie Silva

Jet-setter Julie Silva talks about Paris Fashion and what trends are hot this season


A Letter From The Editor

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