The November Issue

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Patricia Tracey

The Sophisticated and cultured model talks about her success in the industry and what it took to stay on top throughout her career. Her story is inspiring and chock-full of impressive cultural experiences.

Before long I decided that I would take a chance and jump in with both feet. I went to Europe where the runways of top designers offered an unparalleled opportunity to build the careers of African American models.

Meredith Vancuyk

The Young, nationally signed, amazingly talented, and incredibly driven model opens up about how this year has been unlike any other in her career and how she was able to go from a “young and naive girl” to a “strong and motivated business professional”.

It has been the most amazing journey and I wouldn’t want my life any other way. I have gone from a young, unprofessional, naive, self-conscious, lazy girl to a strong, determined, motivated, business professional with my world in my hands

A Letter from the editor

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The Window Shop Suite

Composer Aaron Vinsky’s original work—a creation that embodies every characteristic The Window Shop carries. Click above to listen to it.

Stay Tuned

Next month’s issue features couture designer Kimberlei Ellen.