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 Cover Story: A Look Inside with Stylist Rebecca Luke

I had started my own creative services company that had a fashion perspective. One day, I received a random call from a friend wondering if I would ever consider doing a film. Within 24 hours I found myself on my first set as a Key Costume Designer and boom, I was in a new industry and I went for it.

Brisbane Jonson and Lauren Walker

Hear testimonies from new models Lauren Walker and Brisbane Johnson. They share their stories on what it's like breaking into the business, handling rejection, and how satisfying the first 'yes' is. 

Junique NYC Cosmetics

Read our review on amazing hand-crafted cosmetics. 

A Letter From the Editor 

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Next Month's Issue features designer Margi Kent

Rebecca Luke Style Image Credits 

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Photographer: Darroch Putnam 

Stylist: Rebecca Luke

*Published in STATUS Magazine


Photographers: Kim & Adam Baumburg

Client: Madina Vadache

Stylist & Art Director: Rebecca Luke